"I thought I was alone, so many women left to look after their husbands, now I can talk to someone and receive the correct information in my language" - Henna Member -- "I spoke out about my abuse for the first time in counselling in Bengali, someone heard me for the first time" - Henna Member -- "Since I lost my husband and all my friends I felt so lonely but Henna gave me a family of friends from all different backgrounds, something i never experienced before" - Henna Member -- "I never knew I can exercise in my cultual clothes, keeping my body covered and with all my friends" - Henna Member -- "I never knew there was a group for Asian women, just on my doorstep, the Befriending service has given me a community to be a part of!" - Henna Member -- "I talk to my daughter everyday now in Bangladesh, I never knew I could use WiFi to video call her and see her face, I never knew what a video call was but it has made me feel I am not alone in England" - Henna Member -- "I received a certificate in my life for the first time, I showed it to my family, I felt proud of myself for the first time in my life" - Henna Member -- "Monday Club is were all the action takes place, even if I can't come to every service, I always make sure Monday is free for my day out to the center" - Henna Member -- "I don't need to depend on my son to read my letters, as this only takes place when he comes to visits me once a week, Henna helps me with this and I get all my pressing issues sorted without waiting around on others!" - Henna Member -- "We are proud to have funded Henna Asain Women's Group for their project "Celebrating All Of Us" through our Communities Together Fund, which exsists to celebrate the people of Camden. The resident-panel wanted to fund this project because it beautifully celebrated the diversity of Camden's communities through a range of culturally-focussed, insiring and educational activities for residents in the borough, from dance to cooking to making dress-wear. It's so vital that projects creating a shared sense of belonging exist, especially in times like now where, for so many in our community facing hardhsip, it provides hope, connection and friendship to help them through the difficult times" Danielle Green, Assisant Director Camden Giving -- "The London Community Foundation have funded Henna Asian Women's Group several times over the past five years, including through the Tampon Tax Community Fund, Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime Victims Fund. Henna are an excellent grassroots women's organisation — clearly trusted and valued by their community and achieving a lot with limited resources. Rafat and the team provide culturally-sensitive and multi-lingual support - vital to the women they serve. It is a pleasure to support them." Millie Brown Programme Manager (MOPAC/The London Community Fund) -- "TimeBank have worked with Henna as part of our MHCLG funded Talking Together project for the past few years. It's been a pleasure to partner with Henna. They have a great relationship with the learners so classes were always well-attended and had an engaging and supportive atmosphere. They do fantastic work for the community, and I hope we'll be able to continue working together in future." Calley Clay Programmes Operations Manager (Timebank) -- "Henna Asian women's group brings to the Cultural Advocacy Project provided by Mint in Camden - a peer support group that cuts across South Asian communities and beyond, uniquely breaking down the barriers of faith, ethnicity and language, creating a positive and engaging platform for women to make friendships; share ideas and experiences; learn and have fun." Zubair Martin Community Liaison Worker (Voluntary Action Camden) -- 

Henna Asian Women’s recognises it is our responsibility to help strengthen the communities in which we live and work. Consequently, we encourage our employees to become involved in their communities, lending their voluntary support to programs that enrich the quality of life and opportunities for all individuals.

Henna Asian Women’s Group believes that Volunteering and volunteers are a valuable and integral part of society and volunteers have a right and support to recognition like any workers. Everyone has the right to volunteer without experiencing any form of discrimination or prejudice.

Henna believes training, supervision and development opportunities must be provided so that volunteers enhance their knowledge and skills and can give and get the best they can from their role as volunteer.

Volunteers and Recruitment
All prospective volunteers will be asked to come and talk to our staff to

discuss the options for voluntary work. A standard interview and audit form will be used to find out the applicant’s goals and skills.

Two references will be required by all applicants.

A decision will be made by Henna following the return of both references. Henna has the right to decline any volunteer’s application and the volunteer has the right to know why they were not accepted.

If a volunteer is accepted, they are required to sign a volunteer agreement which states the terms and conditions of being a volunteer.

We require 6 months minimum time for volunteering with us.

Volunteer Expenses
Volunteers are entitled to reimbursement of local travel expenses incurred during their voluntary work and will be provided with lunch during full day volunteering.

The first point of contact for any grievances/complaints by volunteers is Henna’s Manager who will follow up any complaint immediately.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Volunteers are encouraged to be actively involved in the centre’s policies and procedures and will be asked their opinions by means of a questionnaire from time to time. When volunteers decide to end their voluntary work, we encourage them to have an informal meeting with Henna staff to give any feedback, either positive or negative, regarding their voluntary work.

To view all volunteer roles currently provided by Henna women's group please Click Here